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Putting Together the Right Elevators for Your Building

Whether you’re replacing, upgrading, or starting from scratch, choosing the appropriate elevators to meet your needs calls for careful analysis and consideration of available options. It’s hard to make the right decisions without contemplating the reasons and purpose for your elevators.

Recognizing Limitations

If you’re designing a new building or addition, your main limitations will probably be financial. You can choose various sizes and locations without worrying about utilizing existing elevator shafts. On the other hand, if you’re replacing or upgrading a current elevator, you will probably want to reuse the existing space. You will also need a reliable elevator company to advise you on code requirements for your situation.

Purposes and Uses

Start with the building itself. It could be residential apartments, professional businesses, assisted living, a hotel, or any other number of uses. In each case, the building serves different people and purposes. Some elevators will mainly carry passenger traffic, but nearly all will occasionally transport bulkier items as tenants move in and out. Consider the why, what, and who of elevator use. Keep in mind, however, that unless the elevators are monitored, people may use them in unanticipated ways.

Number and Locations

When considering new construction or total renovations, take into account the building size and number of floors. Think about tenant traffic and how many people from outside will utilize the elevators on a daily basis. If there will be multiple elevators, consider whether you want to place them at opposite ends of the building or put them together in a central location.

Features and Amenities

Once you have all the basics nailed down, you can concentrate on the fun stuff such as the interior cab design and the materials used for the doors. Many companies offer standardized interior packages to save money while amazing customized designs are another option. You can also choose speaker systems for music, video screens, and custom call buttons.

If you’re ready to modernize your elevators or install new equipment, get in touch with the specialists at Allied Elevator. We are ready to discuss options and answer all your questions. Call 856-209-6747 or email us today!