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3 Issues Commonly Found During an Elevator Inspection

Regular inspections are an important step in keeping your elevator running efficiently at all times. During an inspection, there are some things you might notice, which will require a repair from the professionals. The following are three issues commonly found during elevator inspections, some of which you might notice yourself.

Contaminated Oil and Lubrication

When elevators are in operation, there are small particles of metal that sneak their way into the oil and lubrication. It’s essential your oil and lube are clean for the elevator to operate correctly. When they become dirty due to those metal particles, the elevator may begin to malfunction. When you have a professional inspection carried out, the maintenance worker will check levels of metals in the oil and lube, as well as replace both components if they are contaminated.

Worn Out Sheaves

When an elevator is going up and down, its sheaves are working hard. While this is exactly what’s supposed to happen, it causes the sheaves to wear out. Worn sheaves wear the hoist ropes, which wear more of the sheaves in a cycle that eventually causes the elevator to fail. Many elevator inspections catch this issue, and the professionals end up re-grooving or replacing the sheaves all together.

Malfunctioning Bearings

The bearings in your elevator motor are an integral part of the entire system. When they malfunction, the process of running your elevator is all together messed up. Bearing malfunctions may present as noise, or they may be caught during a routine inspection. When you have the bearings replaced, it creates a safer environment that also keeps costs at a minimum.

Get Your Elevator Inspected Today

If you want to keep tenants and customers happy, give them a dependable mode of transportation within your building. Proper elevator maintenance and regular inspections are key to making that happen. Contact Allied Elevator by calling 856-209-6747 or emailing us to schedule your inspection today.