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Justin Gill

President, Allied Elevator

Be Well. Stay Safe.

COVID-19 has impacted us all in ways we couldn’t have imagined. While the elevator industry has always been asked to move people safely and efficiently, the reality of the pandemic challenges us to do everything possible for the health and safety of our employees and the buildings we service.

So we’ve implemented new standards for cleanliness, hygiene and personal protection in our offices and on location. Ensuring that every Allied Elevator mechanic is equipped with masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. We’ve also modified our practices around high-touch surfaces and take care to follow new building protocols instituted by our clients.   

For building managers and elevator passengers, we’ll continue to provide information about passenger safety, cleaning and sanitation, traffic management, emerging products, and the latest government guidelines. 

We are in this together. We remain strong in our commitment to safety, health, and the riding public.

Justin Gill

How we’re keeping you safe

Allied Elevator has initiated new best practices for delivering services to our clients in this time of  COVID-19. To that end, we’ve created on-site safety protocols for all Allied technicians to follow before entering any building for service. You can expect every Allied mechanic to be equipped with masks, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. They will practice social distancing, adhere to new building policies and modify their practices around high-touch surfaces.

Keeping your building safe.

Building managers are bombarded daily by new products and protocols to combat COVID-19. We’ve vetted several new cleaning products for effectiveness, practicality, and pricing.

Learn more about our two favorites.
• Inside Cab Air Purification Systems
• Self-Cleaning Button Covers

Keeping riders safe.

Everything’s Changed with COVID-19

One thing hasn’t changed during this pandemic: our commitment to passenger and employee safety.  While information about COVID-19 continues to evolve, we encourage our employees and anyone using elevators, escalators or other forms of vertical transportation, to follow these best practices for staying healthy, keeping safe.

A partner who always has your back.