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Elevator Services

Problem Solving is in our DNA. So, every elevator service call, repair, modernization or maintenance project we take on is approached from the point of view of finding a solution. No matter what it takes. Whether it means having a mechanic on site for two days of trouble-shooting or using innovation around a repair when maybe a commercially available part isn’t the best solution. Allied is your trusted service partner for managing and protecting your building’s most valuable asset with a customer experience that’s second to none.

What’s in an Allied Hour?

In addition to having a different way of working, we also believe in delivering the most value for the elevator services we provide. You get so much more out of every Allied hour because we put so much more into each one:

•  A-list team of technicians 
•  Ownership engagement on projects
•  Expert problem solving
•  Highly responsive customer service
•  Exceptional billing and insurance support

Our talented team makes all the difference in the outcomes you can expect. There’s value in being invested for the long haul.

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elevator Service & MAINTENANCE

Investing for the long haul

Elevators and escalators are often the most expensive equipment in any building. Regularly scheduled preventative elevator service and maintenance provides essential care that’s vital to extend the life of your equipment and ensure that it remains code compliant.

Our Maintenance team members are highly skilled engineers with expertise that ranges from adjusting and repairing old machinery with craftsman-like precision, to working with the latest, most modern technology. Allied maintenance packages are designed to meet the equipment, usage and budgetary needs of each building owner or facility manager.

Elevator Modernization Company

elevator Modernization


Allied delivers an exceptional team of the highest caliber for your project, including a dedicated Mod Team, Maintenance Mechanic, Superintendent, Project Administrator, and Account Manager. Our modernization solutions include lifecycle analysis and replacement planning, targeted component upgrades, to full replacement of existing equipment. All with the purpose of keeping people moving and your equipment running safely and reliably for the lifetime of your building.

Modernization improves elevator comfort, performance, passenger safety and esthetics. Even well-maintained equipment can fall short of expectations as it gets older. Modernizing your elevators and escalators improves their safety, efficiency, and performance. Maybe it’s time to bring an older, inefficient system up to today’s elevator standards?

• Boost tenant satisfaction
• Save money and energy
• Improve service
• Improve marketability
• Upgrade safety features to meet modern code and passenger expectations

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elevator REPAIR

Since Allied is a local elevator service company without the red tape and complicated purchasing and management process of larger companies, we can be a more nimble service partner. Acting quickly to order parts and expedite work schedules. Often cutting weeks off of your repair.

You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that we’re on call, and available for any emergency situation 24/7. Our professional staff can schedule an immediate emergency service visit, or one during regular business hours. Whenever you need us, we’re there for you.

We’re On Call 24/7 — 856-324-0621

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Elevator Testing

State Mandated Elevator Safety Tests

Every Allied elevator maintenance program includes state testing with inspectors in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware which we coordinate for our clients. Testing is also available for purchase as a stand- alone service. 

Our comprehensive and proactive maintenance keeps your equipment code compliant and streamlines the process of scheduling and making sure tests are done on time.

Making your elevators code compliant is job #1

Allied Elevator takes a pro-active approach to keeping your elevators in compliance. Regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs not only ensures peak performance, but can also extend the life of your equipment until modernization is your best course of action. It’s a commitment to keeping riders safe you can count on.

The benchmark for standards adopted by most states is the National Elevator Code, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, A17.1 (ASME A17.1). This code is published every three years, with annual updates that reflect evolving safety standards and new technology.

Whether you have just purchased a building or are planning to modernize your elevator, code compliance is an important consideration in the management of your equipment. If you’re unsure about the compliance of your elevators or other vertical transportation equipment, we can survey it and provide you with a list of appropriate recommendations.