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Installing a New Elevator in an Old Building

If you are the property manager of an older building that does not already have an elevator, you may be wondering how to make that happen. Is it possible for a new elevator to be installed in an old building? Where would it go? Is it safe? The following should give you some answers to your pertinent questions.

Is It Possible?

It is possible to install a new elevator in an old building. Special considerations will have to be made in order to make it happen. An engineer will have to be a part of the planning process to ensure safety, proper placement, and future withstanding, but it can happen if that’s what you want in your building.

Where Would It Go?

You may be surprised at where you can fit an elevator in an old building. If there are multiple staircases and you could do without one of them, that might be a great location to install an elevator. Engineers can often work the design to look nice on the outside of the building as well. Though the entrance to and from the elevator would be indoors, the elevator shaft would be installed and attached to the exterior façade.

Of course, there are other options as well, and you can discuss those with your elevator engineer. Corners that never get used, large foyers, and other similar areas could all be the perfect location.

Is It Safe?

One of the first things your elevator engineer will consider is safety. He or she will look at the structural integrity of the building to determine whether it can withstand an elevator installation. If it can withstand the installation, will it be able to maintain its structural integrity with an active elevator? There are some things the engineer may require as part of installation to ensure safety is put first.

Learning More About Elevator Installation

If you manage an older building and are considering an elevator installation, it’s best to speak with a professional to have your questions answered. Contact Allied Elevator by calling 856-209-6747 or emailing us today to learn more!