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The Right Mechanic Keeps Your Elevators Safe

Commercial building owners and managers carry heavy responsibilities to keep their properties profitable and in top shape. The most important priority that encompasses everything they do, however, is the safety of every single person who works, occupies, or enters the structure. For multi-level buildings, safety concerns include the elevators that carry people from floor to floor.

Elevators Require Expert Care

Keeping an elevator safe and in good running condition requires a specialist with knowledge and experience. Before contracting for elevator maintenance, service or repair, take time to review these considerations to find the right elevator mechanic for your commercial property.

Education and Training

Elevators are complex machines with many mechanical, electrical, and computerized components. The person who services them needs intense training through special courses or an apprenticeship program. The mechanic should also pursue continuing education to keep up with innovations and changing codes.


The right mechanic should have years of extensive experience in elevator maintenance. Your mechanic should also possess training and familiarity with your particular elevator brand and model, or very similar equipment.

Physical Requirements

Working with elevators is a physically demanding job and requires strength and good health. The right mechanic should keep in good shape.

Listening Skills

While training and experience are paramount, you also want a mechanic who will listen to your concerns and address your individual requirements. The right mechanic takes time to hear what you say before diving in.

Personal Commitment

Look for a mechanic who is committed to safety and customer satisfaction.  You and your mechanic should work together to provide safe and reliable elevator service.

Managers Share in Elevator Safety

Don’t forget that you play an important role in the elevator safety of your building. Choose the right mechanic, enroll in a preventive maintenance program, call for immediate service when problems arise, and listen to the mechanic’s recommendations.

If you’re ready to find and hire the right elevator mechanics for your commercial building, contact the professionals at Allied Elevator by calling 856-209-6747 or sending an email. We will explain how our trained and experienced mechanics can provide the right service to keep your elevators safe.