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3 Ways Elevator Modernization Saves You Money

As elevator technology continues to develop, a number of benefits come along with modernizing. You may see an increase in the value of your property; you may see safer elevators and an increase in traffic in your building. One of the main benefits you’ll see; however, is the cost savings. Here is how elevator modernization can save you money.

Replace the DC Motor

If you convert the DC motor to an AC motor, you can save money. First, you will see the savings in lower electricity bills due to the power factor correction. Additionally, energy efficiency can save you even more on your bills. The heat reduction also lowers the amount of cooling that you have to use and hence will lower the costs to run air conditioning.

Replace the Motor Drive

Nowadays, if you have an AC digital drive, you do not need to convert from AC to DC power. When you replace the motor drive, you do not have to worry about wasting energy when the elevator isn’t in motion. In some conditions, you may have regenerative drives that contribute power back to the main building. In addition, you require less cooling because the motor generates less heat.

Install Smart Controllers

Digital controllers use advanced algorithms to provide performance and energy efficiency. The smart controllers scan all activity and reduce wait time and consumption of energy. With new hoist motors and controllers, you will see a drastic reduction of electrical usage. In fact, you use about 60% less electricity with these smart controllers.

With modernization comes cost savings. Engineers design newer technologies to be more efficient than their older counterparts. While modernizing your elevator leads to a smoother ride, minimal noise, and fewer pollutants, you will also notice the cost-saving benefits of elevator modernization. Set yourself up an appointment as soon as possible with Allied Elevator to discuss your options. Call 856-209-6747 or email us today!