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Like solutions on speed dial.

Problem? No Problem.

How many elevator service companies can say that with complete confidence?

Not as many as you might think.

Basically, a breakdown of an elevator is akin to an emergency. When it stops working, your business, hotel, hospital, restaurant or home, kind of stop working too. Or work a lot less efficiently. In this situation, you need three things pronto: A great team. A diagnosis. A fix. 

So you could say Allied is like your (elevator service) 911.

We take the trouble out of troubleshooting.

When you’ve got a dedicated team who knows your elevator inside and out, that’s really helpful when service is needed. Why? Because your tech is super familiar with your equipment, and the status of everything in your machine room. They always have an eye out for problems before they become one.

Also, when something goes wrong, a lot of people are in place working on a remedy. That’s what being solutions-based is all about. From solving the immediate problem to delivering the highest quality repair work.

Finally, because of our size, Allied is a more nimble service partner. We can act quickly to order parts and expedite work schedules. Often cutting weeks off of your repair. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that we’re on call, and available for any emergency situation 24/7.

Solutions on speed dial: 856-324-0621. And yes, it really is that easy.