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A convent and an elevator. How one saved the other.

Random of acts of kindness are something we’ve been hearing about a lot during the pandemic.

A gentle reminder we are all in this together. Especially in our local communities. So we all help  when we can, either with resources or skills or both. This was the case when a convent of eight nuns, all in their eighties and nineties, had an elevator on the fritz and many stairs to climb each evening to go to bed.

Allied first helped The Daughters of Our Lady of The Sacred Heart in Bellmawr, New Jersey back in 2008, when they relocated to a new building and needed an elevator installed. It was the same year Tim Lowry and his family created a non-profit to raise funds for the sisters and renovate what was to become the convent at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. What started with the kindness of one family developed into a community of support. Money was raised and the new elevator was installed by Allied along with a volunteer team of IUEC Local 5. We’ve continued to provide service on this car ever since.

Fast forward to December 2020. The elevator gate had been damaged by movers resulting in the elevator being ripped out of position. With donations at less than normal levels, and money a bit tighter than usual, some tough decisions had to be made at the convent. Food insecurity took priority over all other non-essentials. Tim Lowry contacted Allied again.

Doug Reece, our Service Manager and co-founder, pulled us in and said “the sisters need a working elevator. Funds are tight and it’s been a tough year. Let’s donate our manpower and resources to give back to these women who have dedicated their lives to others.”

It was a two day job and we acted quickly. The parts were overnighted and installed the next day. A second visit insured everything was running as it should. It wasn’t a complicated fix but an incredibly satisfying one.

Tim Lowry, President and Trustee of the Daughters for the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart said “Allied’s help came at a time of real need and we, along with the sisters, are so grateful.”

The tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware is our home. It’s where our business continues to grow and thrive. There are so many stories just like this one everywhere you look. These sisters continue to dedicate their lives to helping others. Their dedication is beyond inspiring. Find your peeps. Do what you can. Let’s go 2021.