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How to lift an elevator brand? Our way, The Allied Way.

Was it a light bulb moment? An ah-ha moment? What triggered our decision to re-brand Allied Elevator right now?  Well, truth be told, we had grown a lot recently. Expanded our client roster along with our team. Earned a reputation in the industry for the quality of our work, our ability to solve tough problems, and our unique customer-centric approach. We even came up with a name for our way of doing business: The Allied Way. Given all that, it was time to get our message out in a bigger, bolder way.

A re-brand is a unique chance to reflect on who you are. What you stand for. How to show your true, authentic self through words and images. We assembled an experienced and talented marketing team, and asked ourselves a lot of questions. Like what do we value? What’s our purpose? Our point of difference? And, most importantly, what do clients value most about us?  

Allied Elevator on Facebook
Allied Elevator on LinkedIn
Social Media Rebrand
Allied Elevator Website

The brand that has emerged is distinct, authentic, and reflects a confidence in who we are and in our abilities to always deliver for our clients. Our never give up mentality makes Allied unique and sets us apart from other elevator service companies. The new Allied logo, which serves as our identity, was designed to reflect our modern, positive approach to elevator service and repair. 

Allied Elevator Logo
Allied Elevator New Logo

Since COVID-19 hit, we have also become laser-focused on how our new website can serve as a hub of useful information and solutions in the middle of a global pandemic. As you explore our new site, you’ll find a company with the technology and chops to solve even the toughest engineering problems. We’re gear heads. Yes, we are.