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3D Detectors and Your Elevator

Any property owner considering installing a new elevator needs to understand a few things about 3D detectors. These are the devices that keep the doors open so passengers can safely get inside. An elevator service company can help you understand the rules and regulations regarding these devices, but the following are a few items to get started with.

Elevator door opening

Updated Safety Codes

In 2019 the ASME 17.1 Safety Code was updated with new requirements for all new elevator installations. These new requirements include a mandatory detection of approaching people or objects. Objects that are at least 40 inches high and 8 inches in diameter, approaching at up to 3 feet per second should be detected. The defined detection zone should be between 9 and 20 inches from the hoist way door’s leading edge.

There’s a rendering inoperative requirement as well. It takes into consideration two things. First, the 3D detector can become inoperative when the door’s leading edge is 18 inches from closing. Second, the device must stay active for 20 seconds following the first trigger. There are other requirements as well and it’s important that you make an effort to understand them before installing your elevator or conducting an elevator repair.

Conducting Improvements

If your property already has an elevator, it’s not required you install a 3D detector in line with the codes from the recent update. It is currently only required for new installation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your current elevator with a new 3D detector. The professionals at Allied Elevator can get your current elevator up to code with alterations that are required, as well as those that are recommended for improvement.

Hiring the Elevator Professionals

Whether you’re working on a new elevator install or improving your current elevator, there are a lot of things you need to do, including complying with 3D detector standards. For elevator service and repair, contact Allied Elevator by calling 856-372-5512 or emailing us today!