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Elevators and Air Purifiers.
Delivering both passengers and peace of mind.

When you think about it, elevators truly help society run. They move patients within hospitals, residents to their apartments, workers to offices, guests to hotel rooms. As an industry, it’s essential for people to feel safe and comfortable stepping into any elevator, regardless if they’re riding three floors or thirty.

With the onset of COVID-19, elevator cabs have become a topic of concern and discussion during the pandemic. How do buildings continue to function with the least amount of disruption and greatest amount of safety? Consider, it only takes a few seconds for a cab to become a breeding ground for germs. Elevators are high-touch areas where a passenger may come in contact with the doors, railings, or buttons. COVID-19 just amplified the risk.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, elevator rides have been looking a lot different. Business owners have been utilizing a variety of ways to ensure passenger safety with a variety of COVID elevator products. Including self-cleaning button covers, handrail sanitizer systems, disinfectants and limiting the number of riders per elevator. Passengers are also using social distancing methods and masks to increase protection. Many businesses are even considering air purification systems.

How Do Air Purification Systems Work?

COVID-19 is spread through respiratory droplets. These droplets can remain in the area for several minutes. So the job of any air purification system is to kill germs while they’re still in the air. To do this, most systems use a specific solution that attacks viruses, molds, and bacteria. On surfaces alone, like handrails and buttons, they can eliminate up to 99.6% of pathogens. An air purification system in your elevator not only adds another layer of protection for riders but much needed peace of mind.

What’s the Best Air Purification System for Elevators?

They come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve evaluated several of them. One model in particular, the CASPR200e, is a natural purifier designed specifically for elevators. Its smaller system fits in most elevator cabs without disruption. Since the CASPR200e is also silent, it does the job without creating loud, unsettling noise to passengers. Best of all, installation is quick and easy.

Expectations for increased cleanliness will continue after COVID.

The riding public is keenly aware of the health benefits of riding in elevators that are strictly monitored for cleanliness and hygiene. Passengers will continue to demand this level of protection long after the effects of the pandemic have abated and a vaccine has been distributed.

Allied can help you boost your elevator safety now during the pandemic, and for the future. Installing an air purification system could be the best investment you make this year. Looking for other ways to keep your elevators as safe as possible? Contact Allied Elevator by calling 856-372-5512 or emailing us today.