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Customer Service & Loyalty. It’s a Love-In.

It’s hard to assign a dollar amount to the value of great customer service. Included on the list: the returned phone call within 24 hours, billing issues resolved promptly and fairly, a listening ear when what was promised was not delivered. The list is endless and the benefits too many to mention.


Customer service is as valuable to your business as signing on a new client. Maybe even more valuable, because lackluster responses to a client’s needs are a sure fire way to lose their trust and ultimately, their business. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a thing to make a client happy and leave them feeling you always have their back. 


Years ago, Nike set the bar extremely high. I had called about a pair of running shoes I felt were underperforming given what I’d paid for them. Three days later a replacement pair was in my mailbox, no questions asked. They intuitively knew the simple fact if they paid attention to my disappointment now, I’d soon be back buying more. 


Apple is another company I’ve learned so much from in terms of putting customers first with grace and a smile. They always make it right, no matter the issue. A reservation at The Genius Bar tells me I’m going to be taken care of by experts who will do everything in their power to solve the unsolvable. Truth is, there’s not another retail experience on the planet quite like it. 


At Allied, we follow our own mantra with our clients. For us, service isn’t someone, it’s everyone. It starts with the way we hire and translates to the way our team provides quality support 24/7. It’s reassuring to clients that everyone at Allied is part of their service team. We’re fortunate to have clients who have stayed with us for years. It’s a true partnership built on loyalty and trust. 


One of those clients, Nancy Mateleska, was kind enough to be interviewed for The Lift blog. In her role as VP, Residential Property Management at BET Investments, Nancy oversees several apartment communities in the Greater Philadelphia area and has been an Allied client for ten years. 


She explained her partnership with Allied this way, “I value their opinion and expertise.

I know my service team… they are always willing to visit our properties, and understand how critical our elevators are to residents, 365 days a year.“ Nancy was also quick to share that property management is a customer service business, so working with a vendor who understands this piece, is everything.”


Next time the phone rings, just remember, customer service is free.