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Top 3 Keys to A Successful Elevator Modernization Project

As a property owner looking for ways to enhance your building, one of the ways you can do so is to modernize your elevators. Although their role in the aesthetics of a building are often overlooked, a new elevator system can improve its appeal to existing tenants and leave an impression on visitors. However, finding the right company to complete the job is of utmost importance as any defects in implementation can have significant financial consequences. As you conduct your research, here are the top three ways to ensure that your modernization project is successful.

Financial Stability

Elevator modernization projects are not cheap. Knowing that you expect to spend a lot on the project, a financially-unstable company may use the opportunity to increase their margins by charging more or using cheaper material. On the other hand, a stable company can increase your likelihood of receiving a fair quote and having your project completed on time and without complications to you or your tenants during the process, using the highest quality standards and equipment.

Modernization Experience

The second key to a successful project is to choose a company with modernization experience. For the sake of your finances, now is not the time for trial and error. A company with modernization experience can properly scope your project, set appropriate timeline and cost estimates, understand and mitigate the associated risks, and complete the project with minimal setbacks.

Successful Record

The final key to ensuring a successful project is to work with a company with a proven track record of completing projects and more importantly, passing all necessary inspections. The best way to accomplish this is to request that each company you interview provide you with references from their previous work. That way, you can ask specific questions to those clients about their challenges, obtain before and after pictures, or even visit their properties to gain a clearer understanding of what you can expect from your project.

Choosing the right company is critical to the success of your elevator modernization project. Contact the experienced professionals at Allied Elevator by calling 856-209-6747 with any additional questions or to schedule a consultation.