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Real service. Not lip service.

In my mind, service is like a security blanket. You kind of get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you’re just a phone call away from help if something goes wrong with a car in your building. Let’s face it, something at some point, will go wrong. Law of probabilities and all that.

At Allied, we like to say, we never forget why it’s called a Service Contract. For us, this translates to: we’ve got your back, copy that, firm handshake, we’re not going to leave you high and dry, Service Contract.

This ideology was top of mind when we created what we consider to be one of the most comprehensive Service Contracts in the elevator industry. Allied was started by two elevator guys, who know first-hand what it takes to deliver service, repairs and modernization incredibly well.

What makes us different is how we fulfill the services we provide:

  • We honor the contract even when it costs us money
  • We cap hours on routes so our techs have time to proactively maintain equipment
  • We use technology to ensure response times and communicate in a timely manner
  • We’re hyper vigilant about recurring issues and make solving them a priority
  • We’re customers too, so we respond and support you no matter what

How an elevator service company defines service, matters. It matters because it’s an indication of how committed they are to getting you out of the occasional jam you might find yourself in. It matters because your time and safety matter.

Basically, any aspect of the elevator that affects the safety and convenience of the riders in your building must be checked and serviced on a regular basis.Is your elevator contract serving you? Does the service meet your current needs? These are all things to consider when reevaluating your contract.

Capital S. Capital C. Let’s shake on that.