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Should You Modernize or Repair Your Elevators?

Technology advances at a rapid pace. One sector where this is most true is in transportation. This is why it surprises many people to learn that the elevators taking them from floor to floor can be generations old. Elevators have simple jobs. They go up and down and then open and close. However, as they get older, they become less efficient at this and sometimes do not respond as expected. This can lead to entrapments and injuries. Property managers often begin to wonder at this point, if it’s worth overhauling the entire system or continue with repairs.


If your elevators are no longer compliant with the National Elevator Code, then modernizing them becomes necessary. The codes get updated every year and new ones are published every three years. Note that the codes do not provide blanket recommendations. There are specific codes in effect in certain counties or jurisdictions, so be sure to verify which one applies to you. Your elevator company should also review the codes to ensure your compliance.

Project Scope

Property managers often undertake a modernization effort without realizing the true scope of the project. Compliance with a new code or the desire for a more efficient elevator system might require more than just a few changes. Sometimes several components of the system have to be updated for it to work properly. Property managers need to keep this in mind when scheduling upgrades to disrupt business as little as possible.


If the decision to upgrade is based more on preference than necessity, then consider the budget. If you have the upfront investment, upgrading your current system is a wise choice. Some property managers prefer to delay the inevitable by doing frequent repairs instead. They sometimes end up paying for the elevator twice: once for total repairs and again for the eventual upgrades.

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