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Best practices for staying healthy, and keeping safe.

Avoid Contact, Practice Good Hygiene

Wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose – especially when near others or riding an elevator or escalator

Cough or sneeze into your elbow, or use a disposable tissue or hand kerchief

Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds – especially after exiting an elevator or using an escalator

Dry your hands completely

Use hand sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol content

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth

Minimize touching elevator and escalator handrails, elevator call button and doors

Use an object, such as a pen cap, or your knuckle to touch buttons


Keep Physical Distance

Take the stairs when possible – consider using stairs one at a time

Wait for a less crowded elevator

Follow floor distancing guidelines inside and outside the elevator

Face away from other passengers

Avoid speaking if possible