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New Allied Cellular. Save a bundle

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As a valued Allied client, you rely on us to be your trusted partner for all your elevator service needs. Now we’re bringing that same expertise to your elevator phones. 

The more you learn about our new wireless service, the sooner you’ll want to make the switch from outdated analog.

We want to make it quick and easy for you to upgrade your elevator phone to cellular. So Allied has bundled everything you need in one package: elevator phone, cellular service, and 24/7 emergency monitoring from a single service provider

You know first hand the headache of having elevator phone service that is spotty and unreliable.  The reason most cell phones don’t work in elevators is because they are too far from where the signal is being transmitted. With Allied Cellular, reliability is built right in. The phone in the cab is connected to cables that travel up and down the elevator shaft. Those same cables are hard-wired in the machine room, shortening the distance the signal has to travel. This is why our cellular connection is simply superior.

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Analog is outdated...unreliable and expensive to maintain

Providing reliable phone service for commercial elevators is not only essential, it’s mandatory and has been for years. However, as the cost of analog phone lines rise, and their reliability declines, property managers and building owners are making the move to wireless. Cellular technology is not only fast, reliable and cost effective, it’s also a great alternative to antiquated analog.

Replace outdated expensive landlines​

Switch & Save

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Ready to Save A Bundle?

When you switch to cellular service with Allied, you save in so many ways. First, you save money. Second, your phone and equipment will be under a continuous warranty as long as you maintain your maintenance contract with Allied. Third, you save time. No more lengthy downtimes due to bad phone lines. And finally, no more guessing who to call for repair.

This truly is a complete solution for your elevator’s emergency communications. Want to save up to 30% over traditional landline service?

Common cellular emergency phone FAQ's

As cellular networks have expanded and improved in speed and reliability, they are a better choice for elevator emergency communication service than outdated analog lines. 

With the evolution of cellular technology, the case for moving away from landlines is both compelling and cost effective. In fact, the telecom industry is making a seismic shift in that direction and cellular phone systems are emerging as the preferred emergency communications path for building owners and property managers.

The cellular signal used in elevator emergency phones is emitted from a transmitter that is connected to each elevator phone. Located in close proximity to each elevator, the transmitter provides significantly stronger and more reliable signal strength than the typical personal cell phone used in an elevator.

No. Switching to Allied Cellular service eliminates the need to maintain and pay for the cost of a dedicated phone line. If you’re paying for several phone lines to each elevator, you’ll save a bundle with an Allied Cellular plan.

Yes. Cellular data and emergency phone monitoring are included in the bundle service and the monthly fee. Nothing else is needed.

Our UL-rated central monitoring station and highly trained operators are geared specifically for elevator emergencies and provide a higher quality of service.

Advantages include:

• Code compliant emergency monitoring

• Underwriters Laboratory (UL) rated for security, technology and training 

• Operators are trained in 911 elevator entrapments and medical emergencies 

• Operators are multi-lingual with quick access to up to 175 different languages  

• All calls are digitally recorded for risk management 

• Monthly testing of the elevator phone signal  

However, we can program to your existing monitoring service if wish.